Dont face a DWI without representation

Getting a DWI can be scary to say the least. This is usually the first time that many people will go to jail and experience the criminal justice system first hand. Going through this is not easy and many people feel helpless in this process. That is where a good DWI attorney comes in and relieves this stress and helps you through the process. If you decide to face a DWI without an attorney you can expect many problems. You can lose your driving privileges, pay fines, and even face jail time. In Louisiana DWI’s are felonies after your second one.

A good DWI attorney will look for any holes in the prosecutions case and attempt to get your DWI dismissed. If dismissal is not possible they will work out the best deal possible. Many times first time offenders can get diversion. Diversion requires defendants to complete community service, AA meetings, counseling, and many more requirements. Once completed a DWI may be reduced to a reckless driving. This is great option especially if you dont want a DWI on your record.